Sarahah: 5 Things To Know About

1. It gives clients a chance to send unknown messages Sarahah is the most well known application on the planet at this moment, yet you may not know much about it. The application, propelled in February 2017, enables clients to send mysterious messages and criticism to each other, much like the ancient Yik Yak. Keep… Continue reading Sarahah: 5 Things To Know About


Remember how confession pages started mushrooming all over the internet a few years back? The internet is a fast growing space. With every passing minute, there is a change coming on the internet and Sarahah is the latest add-on. Sarahah messages are everywhere on Facebook these days. Every other friend of yours is registering on… Continue reading Why the VIRAL SARAHAH APP IS NOT AT ALL SAFE ?

How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

Do you run lead era battles?   It is safe to say that you know about Facebook Lead Ads?   Via autofilling lead era shapes with client points of interest, Facebook’s lead advertisements make it less demanding for individuals to join and get your offer.   Why Lead Ads?   Facebook has made the way… Continue reading How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

Theme La huasteca Potosina

The Huasteca Potosina is an impressive place comprising impressive natural scenes full of rich vegetation, crystal clear rivers and terrific waterfalls, huge caverns, remarkable archeological destinations and for the ancient cultural gatherings that when living their prhispanic traditions backpedal to a past that is as yet present in each side of this interesting area of… Continue reading Theme La huasteca Potosina


Key Takeaways   Slack is a current talk room and workspace that can enhance correspondence.   On the off chance that you utilized AOL, you can utilize Slack!   Join ICNY’s Slack channel to visit and remain educated for goodness’ sake #ICNY.   What is Slack?   Slack is a stage that enables you to… Continue reading WHY SLACK ? WHAT BEST IN MANAGING WORK WITH SLACK ?

Trello vs Asana: The Best Project Management App?

Asana: Teamwork For The Modern Ages   I’ll disclose Asana’s experience to you first (rest)…   Asana is a standout amongst the most mainstream errand administration applications accessible today. This straightforward apparatus was first made by previous Facebook executives Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein in 2008 to deal with the organization’s interior coordination. It was… Continue reading Trello vs Asana: The Best Project Management App?


As I would like to think, Asana is the best assignment administration instrument out there. I’ve been utilizing it throughout the previous couple of years and have fabricated a business off the back of helping customers to utilize Asana better.   In light of a legitimate concern for self-change, I’ve explored different avenues regarding other… Continue reading WHY ASANA IS BEST ?