Facts: Based on first year working as a software developer?

Let’s get very specific for this:

  1. Loving your job is not easy.
  2. Getting paid is not the only solution.
  3. Bugs can encounter anytime anywhere.
  4. College studies hardly matter.
  5. Listen to your Managers when required.
  6. Testers are biggest enemies but best people who will make you learn.
  7. Client will be rarely satisfied.
  8. What it feels working on slow system/ low-speed internet. The pain is more than breakups 😛 ( Kidding but yes).
  9. What mediocre life means.. 🙂
  10. You always have to study to grow.
  11. Many ideals will come & go.
  12. Experience: via this only you will learn the most of things.
  13. What it meant to be into office culture- required as you had poped-up from college days.
  14. Losing a FIT body for like 45% people.
  15. Open to the world of limitless opportunities.

After all, this world is super awesome and super cruel in its own ways. So just calm down and see what comes & go.

Learn relevant things rather than learning everything which comes your way- This is my personal experience.

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