Vital Truth of LIFE

  1. TV serials reel life drama cruelty is felt but real life cruelty had lost sense.
  2. Government is working on over safeguarding the future of senior citizen, working on laws to make their children VISIT them?
  3. Don’t take food from strangers- Then what is Uber Eats? Zomato ?
  4. MONK: A new motivational monk business is in TREND !!!
  5. External family/ neighbours over 70% cases are biggest stalkers or evil wishers. ( I understand the meaning of writing EVIL whisher here).
  6. Rape cases are more popular than STARTUP Ideas.
  7. Feminism is Trendy in the opposite sense.
  8. IN 21st century we are still unable to figure out RESERVATION SYSTEM?
  9. Over the time of working on robots, we are still fighting over intercaste, caste issues?
  10. Still figuring out the length of girl’s cloth?
  11. Package is considered before you plan your wedding: Especially for a male in India.
  12. You must do things at the RIGHT time & RIGHT age: marriage, a job for dreams you will always get another TIME ( Hardly comes in reality).

I don’t know I think these 12 things seems to come up with 1200 inner HARD/ HARSH realities of life which every individual here or there face some point of time.

PS: After very long again started to write with my SOUL. I missed it. #PrakritiISBACK

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