That Old Patriot

He has an American banner with twelve stars, barely short of the first thirteen. It’s lying on his bedside table. A few states have annoyed gramps at some point and he’s carved them out. You can even now observe the blueprints of where they used to be.


I’ve asked him at his bedside in the event that he can list those states he’s figured out how to hold dear. Shockingly he can, in spite of the beginnings of dementia. Texas is one: gramps appreciates their autonomous outlook. Tennessee happens to be another; not showing that useful for-nuttin-development got him in the face of their good faith.


South Carolina was the first to withdraw and the first in his heart. Actually Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana take after not far behind. The social liberties development never sat ideal with him. He felt everybody merited rights, beyond any doubt be that as it may, the feds had no place telling god-dreading southerners what they should [to be doing].


I review the day Wyoming got his effortlessness. Mathew Shepard had recently made the news, as he raises now for apparently no reason. Gramps isn’t a barbarous man however gay people are and dependably have been a horrifying presence as he frequently said. The more that got their due, the more joyful he appeared. Maybe loathe and accuse made the whittling without end of his faculties appear to be simpler and less traumatic.


Since ’39 he’s adored the Wizard of Oz, even as it’s playing on the healing center TV over his bed. He watched it each time it’s went ahead TV. In our childhood he’d take my sibling and I to Kansas in the midst of a furlough as he murmured Over the Rainbow along the interstates. I generally trusted the tranquil message would make him more slanted toward acknowledgment of others however it never fully sank in that way.


For reasons unknown, South Dakota and Nebraska stay on the banner he grips with his debilitated handle. He doesn’t have anything specific he appreciates about the two states yet he’s never found motivation to aversion them. I review him saying once that the possibility of the West and the influencing of the corn kept them flying with his top choices on the banner post… when he had one.


West Virginia, he mutters, remains for mountains. The tall tips of the Appalachians embody a powerful masculinity. Actually, that is kept their places for him on his enthusiastic woven artwork.


Gold country is another most loved and option gramps made me add to his banner, since he at no time in the future could. He’s a widower yet infatuated with Sarah Palin. She’s a feisty loyalist to him, despite the fact that regardless he isn’t sure if a lady ought to be out makin’ a show as she seems to be. He says he’d protest this once, however.


Gramps didn’t talk significantly after that. His voice slurred unto a whisper, and his eyes gradually shut themselves. The heart screen had turned out to be calmer and calmer at the same time.


An attendant broke the terrible news to whatever is left of the family and me. We sobbed and held each other for what appeared like until the end of time. Yet, we in the long run went home and started plans for the burial service, hanging his banner up outside the old house to wave into equal parts pole memory. As its worn out remainders fluttered forward and backward it helped to remember us the positive qualities in gramps, and helped us overlook the qualities from another age he never entirely let go of.


This is his tribute.

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