Remember how confession pages started mushrooming all over the internet a few years back?
The internet is a fast growing space. With every passing minute, there is a change coming on the internet and Sarahah is the latest add-on. Sarahah messages are everywhere on Facebook these days. Every other friend of yours is registering on this new thing and it’s making you more curious.

But, what is Sarahah?
Sarahah, the latest fad among social media users, is an extended concept of the anonymous confession trend. With this application, people can share their thoughts with you without disclosing their identity. People are finding this concept of anonymity really cool. The application is easily available on Google Play and App Store.

As soon as you download this application and register on the site, it will give you a custom URL that will direct your friends to the page where they can write you messages without revealing their identity. You won’t be able to know who sent you the message until and unless s/he decides to disclose his/her identity.

Who are the creators of Sarahah?
Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, a Saudi Arabian developer invented Sarahah, which is storming the internet. Sarahah means honesty in Arabic and Tawfiq created this app to give employees a platform to feel free and give honest feedback to their boss with out any fear of exposing themselves. The App slowly started trending in Saudi Arabia and has now reached India. People are sharing images of the messages they are receiving and it’s spreading like a wildfire among youngsters.

iTunes is praising the app saying that the app will tell the areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from [their] employees and [their] friends in a private manner. However, there are certain things that make it unsafe.

At first, the anonymity feature of this app might look amazing but it gives perverts and stalkers a medium to reach you and say all the shameless things they think about you without any fear.

The biggest fear that comes free with this app is cyber bullying. A report published by cyber safety expert Leonie Smith says,
Any messaging app or social media app that markets itself as being a place to post anonymous messages or posts will lend itself to anonymous bullying.

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