Theme La huasteca Potosina

The Huasteca Potosina is an impressive place comprising impressive natural scenes full of rich vegetation, crystal clear rivers and terrific waterfalls, huge caverns, remarkable archeological destinations and for the ancient cultural gatherings that when living their prhispanic traditions backpedal to a past that is as yet present in each side of this interesting area of Mexico.


One of the must-see places when making a trip to Huasteca Potosina is without a doubt the Magic Village of Xilitla. This place stands out amongst the most otherworldly places in all of Mexico mainly because of the Edward James Surrealist Gardens otherwise called Las Pozas , a special space of its kind, where this stone worker and writer assembled amazing figures which are blended with the fascinating Vegetation and water falls with a height of more than 230ft.


As a recommendation you should spend at least two days in this Magical Town, so that you can visit the following:


Some more places to visit :


Tamul Waterfall


A standout amongst the most excellent waterfalls in Mexico. This one is conceived of the stream of the waterway Gallinas, dives in the bed of the stream Santa Maria, and finishes in the waterway Tampaón. Its grand fall (150 meters high) and a domain encompassed by fantastic nature, makes us appreciate a standout amongst the most lovely displays in the nation.


Sotano de Las Golondrinas (The 6th deepest abyss in the world)


One of the natural miracles of Mexico is the The Golondrinas Abyss, situated in San Luis Potosi. This abyss, situated in the mountain, toward the north of the Huasteca, appears a no-limit chasm and in reality, is one of the most profound of the world with a fall of 1679 ft. of which 1230 ft. are of vertical fall. El Sotano is house to a few types of feathered creatures, among them the swallows. The best thing occurs in the morning or before the sunsets, when these flying creatures break the silence with their melodies.


Tamasopo Waterfalls


Tamasopo signifies “falling water” and this heaven satisfies its name, the place is surrounded by mountain, hills, crystal clear waterfalls, and last but not least encompassed by exuberant vegetation .


The Tamasopo Waterfalls, in addition to the Tamul Falls, are a symbol of La Huasteca Potosina that merits appreciating and visiting.


These waterfalls shape the environment and create a color splash scene with their turquoise water. In the area you can swim, trek, or appreciate the surroundings while you drink a cold beer.


Exploring the area is a must and Do update your friends about your excursion, as this Mexican secret is worth giving it some exposure…


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