As I would like to think, Asana is the best assignment administration instrument out there. I’ve been utilizing it throughout the previous couple of years and have fabricated a business off the back of helping customers to utilize Asana better.


In light of a legitimate concern for self-change, I’ve explored different avenues regarding other undertaking administration instruments however dependably returned to Asana. I discover it’s extraordinarily simple to utilize but intense and helpful for any reason.


  1. Add errands to different tasks


  1. Convey inside undertakings


  1. Modify ventures with Custom fields


  1. Post extend refreshes


  1. See what’s next with MyTasks


  1. Remain sorted out with Sections


  1. Separate errands into Subtasks and Sections


  1. Set up tasks as a List or board


  1. See everything without a moment’s delay


  1. Unicorns and narwhals!


Require help with Asana?


The first is most likely my total most loved component; Asana gives you a chance to add assignments to more than one anticipate without a moment’s delay. Sounds basic right? Be that as it may, this is unbelievably valuable.


For instance, I have a venture called “Business” where I store errands identified with organization, site refreshes, email promoting et cetera. I likewise have a board called “Kanban” where I arrange for when to take a shot at assignments. I have sections for sorting out errands by stage: Planning, In-Progress and Complete. This encourages me to track bigger assignments and scaled down activities through stages towards finish.


Since Asana gives you a chance to add an undertaking to more than one anticipate without a moment’s delay I can have assignments arranged out in different activities and after that add them to the “Kanban” extend where I organize what to chip away at.


Redo ventures with Custom fields


Custom Fields (premium component) enable you to add remarkable fields of data to your ventures and assignments.


Suppose you utilize undertakings for following customer installments. You could have a custom field called “Installment Status” set up as a dropdown menu to demonstrate whether customers have been invoiced or whether installments have been gotten.


Post extend refreshes


When you work with numerous individuals in Asana, it can be valuable to share reports on the status of different undertakings. Extend proprietors can present reports on the venture to tell the venture individuals about how the venture is advancing.


Asana’s image is extremely vivid and fun. When you finish an undertaking, you might be sufficiently fortunate to see a unicorn or narwhal fly over your screen. This isn’t precisely an effective efficiency include, yet it makes completing the work all the better time.


You can likewise redo the hues utilized for activities and labels in Asana to make ventures less demanding to distinguish. You can consider thinking of a shading plan that bodes well for your association. You can utilize one shading for all customer ventures and another shading for managerial tasks. Or, on the other hand you could utilize red labels to highlight high need things.


So there you have it; some of my most loved components of Asana. I’d love to hear whether you have any most loved components that I’ve missed. If you don’t mind leave me a remark and offer your thoughts!


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