Trello vs Asana: The Best Project Management App?

Asana: Teamwork For The Modern Ages


I’ll disclose Asana’s experience to you first (rest)…


Asana is a standout amongst the most mainstream errand administration applications accessible today. This straightforward apparatus was first made by previous Facebook executives Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein in 2008 to deal with the organization’s interior coordination. It was then freely discharged in 2011 and has turned out to be progressively more famous.


“Recall the last time you were somewhere down in the zone—time flew by and the work moved through you easily. That is the way cooperating ought to be.


Rather, data is scattered and duties are hazy. We attempt to slice through the tumult with unlimited gatherings and micromanagement, yet we wind up with less time and very little greater lucidity.”


Asana is fundamental and plain in its approach towards undertaking/extend administration. At the center of it, Asana is an undertaking administration stage that can likewise supplant the greater part of today’s cutting edge correspondence (and supplant email, for instance). The fortunate thing about Asana is that there is nothing entangled about it — a portion of the components are recorded beneath.


Errands. Errands are things you have to recollect or things that you need to have finished. Asana’s straightforward UI gives you a chance to sort out Tasks into three gatherings: Today, Upcoming and Later.


Associations, Teams and Workspaces. These are the center divisions inside Asana. Workspaces are for individuals who join with their very own email address (think: understudies and companions). Associations, then again, are made for individuals who join with a uniform organization email. Every Organization is then separated into independent Teams.


Segments. Used to gathering single errands into a venture. Getting imaginative, you can isolate errands up in different ways. Probably the most prevalent are bug following and status reports. In any case, you could without much of a stretch separation undertakings up by venture, reason or topic. The more isolated assignments are, the better it is for bigger groups hoping to get a review of their errands.


Layouts. Asana enables you to utilize existing formats or you can make fresh out of the box new ones more fitted to your necessities. You can make layouts, for example, agendas or surveys to maintain a strategic distance from that “conversing with your partners about stuff” venture all the while. You need to know what’s the status on Mary’s venture? Simply send her a poll with correct inquiries and never catch wind of her feline until kingdom come.


The components of Asana are adapted towards convenience. When I came back to it surprisingly as of late, I didn’t feel overpowered by the UI — I genuinely felt like I felt comfortable around the application inside 5-10 minutes.


The Good And The Bad


Being meticulous by nature, I would state the moderate UI makes it precarious to work with. In any case, on the in addition to side there are an entire heap of aces, as well. Thus, I’ll utilize a decent out-dated slug rundown of advantages and disadvantages and let you choose for yourself.




Awesome rundown of administration elements


No charge card required for a free trial


Shading code the most critical undertakings


Openly add more than one tag to every thing


Android and iOS application


A solitary story/thing/assignment can have connections to more than one anticipate and tag


Console easy routes


Add new errands without filling many fields


Phenomenal email coordination (energizing!)


Clear arrangement of taking after your errands


Smart individual undertakings see in respects – see every one of the errands you are doled out to in one place


Free for up to 15 individuals


Premium arrangement costs $8.33 per part/every month (in the event that you need that additional favor work process feel)




Allocate a story/undertaking to just a single colleague


No coordinated individual view – it is constantly recently your errands inside each of your workspaces


The interface can here and there feel stacked with graphical detail, making it moderate while moving things around


Sub-undertakings can be hard to work with and it can undoubtedly lose its association while moving things around


The mind-boggling measure of elements in plain view can make for a moderate learning process


The messages through the application are scrambled yet sadly there is no two-stage confirmation which makes it less safe for your own information


Trello: Making Collaboration Easy


Like with Asana, I’ll begin by acquainting you with the application first.


Trello is an assignment administration application that uses the Kanban framework to enable you to sort out activities. Kanban is a framework created by Toyota – intended to help keep generation levels high and truly implies a bulletin or a billboard. Also, as we probably am aware Trello is broadly known as a sticky-note filled whiteboard.


Every last sticky note speaks to various undertakings that are inside the venture, your day by day errand list or progressing assignments. When talking about joint efforts, I should concede that so far I have just the best things to state for this application – from 12 unique spreadsheets we’ve gone to Process Street layouts and 1 Trello load up (used to be 5 however that is a story for some other time).


This application surpassed my desires and works route superior to anything Asana for the undertakings we’re attempting to achieve.


Trello is a fundamental undertaking administration application you can to use to work together with your colleagues. There are restricted choices in regards to relegating assignments – you can label cards, add individuals to sheets and make cautions. Nonetheless, that does not make the card obviously joined to one single individual and won’t, for instance, send a copy to their individual board to ensure they see it. In any case, at that point there’s Slack, you can bug everybody there…


Some of Trello’s key elements include:


Board. A Board is typically a venture a work in progress or a continuous procedure, for example, content creation or advancement.


List. A rundown is an approach to partition a board into various classifications. More often than not, a rundown speaks to a phase of advance. For this situation, you can see the stages are work in advance, catchphrase inquire about, moving to endorsement (which sort of assists with the relegating as you can simply move an undertaking to the applicable rundown).


Card. Cards are the most fundamental piece of the application – and the most essential. It speaks to a specific piece of a venture like a bug, new component or a particular blog entry. You can connect records, pictures, remark, include agendas, dole out a due date or individuals to each card.. Furthermore, obviously you move the fulfillment of the card further and encourage through the venture until the radiant day you can expel yourself from it showing a vocation well done!


The Good And The Bad




No charge card required for join (and free until the end of time)


Straightforward design with basic directions


iPhone and Android application


Boundless cards can be made


Welcome the same number of individuals as you need to a board


Constant cooperation


Trello moves down your information (great for my situation as I used to erase all that I might have been “done” with)


Is truly stunning even on the free arrangement (yet accompanies the most cute imposing stickers on paid – NOT the best component that paid arrangement gives however)




Trading alternative is not accessible on free arrangement


Having around 10 segments and more than 100 cards could get very chaotic


In the event that two assignments incorporate two individuals, should be possible in the meantime you’re not exactly beyond any doubt where to put the card (there are a few cases)


Insufficient imposing stickers


Last Thoughts


As should be obvious I needed to compel myself with the cons a bit. It may be my one-sided assessment, yet I observe Trello to be greatly helpful in my everyday assignments.


It is unbelievably viable as a schedule application with its sticky note feel, it gives the feeling of movement and is similarly as useful for individual records and group ventures.


Trello has an excellent arrangement that is evaluated at $8.33 – the same as Asana.


Like Asana – Trello additionally has huge amounts of extraordinary reconciliations, for example,






Google Drive




In any case, altogether there are 500+ that you can use through Zapier. You can likewise utilize the Trello API to make your own particular reconciliations (which is dependably loads of fun!).


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