Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe



2 lbs (around 4 Medium) boneless, skinless chicken bosoms


Salt and Pepper to taste


1 container cornstarch


3 huge eggs, gently beaten


¼ container additional light olive oil, canola or vegetable oil to saute, in addition to additional as required


½ container apple juice vinegar


4 Tbsp ketchup


1 Tbsp soy sauce


¾ container granulated sugar


1 tsp garlic salt




The most effective method to Make Sweet and Sour Chicken: Preheat broiler to 325˚F.


Cut chicken bosoms into 1-inch pieces and season with salt and pepper.


Put 1 container cornstarch into a gallon-sized ziploc pack, add chicken and hurl to coat.


Warm ¼ container oil in a vast, overwhelming base pot (I utilized my French broiler with decent tall dividers to diminish splatterage on the stove).


In a shallow dish, whisk together 3 eggs. Plunge the cornstarch-dug chicken pieces into the beaten egg, covering both sides at that point exchange chicken to the extremely hot oil.


Cook chicken in hot oil around 30 seconds for every side or until brilliant. Having extremely hot oil is vital. You would prefer not to cook the chicken through, yet just until brilliant. Exchange chicken to a 9×13 heating dish and keep plunging and sautéing staying chicken, including more oil as important. Cooking tip: in the event that you add oil to the pot, let it warm up a little before you include more chicken.


In a medium bowl, blend together sauce fixings: ½ container apple juice vinegar, 4 Tbsp ketchup, 1 Tbsp soy sauce, ¾ glass sugar and 1 tsp garlic salt.


Pour sauce over your sautéed chicken pieces and hurl to coat. Heat revealed at 325˚F for 60 minutes, turning the chicken twice while preparing to coat with sauce. Serve warm or hot over hot white rice, and fresh delicate broccoli for an adjusted supper.


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