Raspberry Mousse Cups



For the Raspberry Mousse:


10 oz (2½ mugs) solidified raspberries


½ container granulated sugar


2 Tbsp new lemon juice (from one med/expansive lemon)


1 Tbsp Knox unflavored gelatin (from 1¼ bundles


3 mugs substantial whipping cream


6 Tbsp confectioners (powdered) sugar


Filling and Garnish:


½ of a 7 oz pkg woman fingers


12 oz bundle new raspberries, holding 6 berries for enhancement


6 to 12 little mint leaves, discretionary embellishment


For the Simple Syrup, blend together:


1 glass warm water


1 Tbsp crisp lemon juice


1 Tbsp granulated sugar




In a medium sauce dish, consolidate 10 oz solidified raspberries and ½ container sugar. Cook mixing at times until stick consistency. Expel from warmth and strain through sifter, pushing on the back with a spatula to get the majority of the juice conceivable. Off the warmth, blend in 2 Tbsp lemon juice and 1 Tbsp gelatin. Empty once more into pot and place over medium warmth, rush until gelatin broke down and blend is hot (not bubbling). Expel from warmth and cool to room temp (exchange to an alternate bowl to cool quicker) and don’t give it a chance to sit too long once it’s at room temp or it will thicken and end up plainly hard to mix.


Cut woman fingers into 3 pieces. Make syrup and plunge every woman finger piece in syrup 2 seconds at that point layer 2 full woman fingers in the base of each container (6 pieces add up to).


When raspberry syrup is at room temp, beat 3 glasses substantial cream with 6 Tbsp powderd sugar on rapid 2 minutes or until whipped and feathery (don’t overbeat or it will turn rich). Hold 1½ measures of whipped cream and exchange it to a baked good sack fitted with a vast star attachement. Refrigerate until prepared to utilize.


Into the staying huge clump of whipped cream, Gently overlay in the room temp syrup ¼ at once, collapsing to join between every expansion. Exchange to funneling pack fitted with round ⅜” tip and pipe over woman fingers to a ½” thickness. Rehash with every one of the 6 containers. Put aside 6 of your prettiest raspberries for the fixing. Put remaining raspberries over your mousse, orchestrating them around the edges and after that putting a couple in the middle. Pipe another half inch of mousse over the raspberries. At long last, pipe held whipped cream and topping with raspberry and mint if coveted. Refrigerate no less than 1 hour or until set. Appreciate!


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