Raspberry Jello Cake Recipe



For the Raspberry Mousse:


6 oz bundle raspberry jello


8 oz tub cool whip, defrosted in the ice chest


For the Cake Layer:


4 vast eggs, room temp


½ glass granulated sugar


¼ tsp vanilla


½ glass universally handy flour


For the Syrup:


½ glass warm water


2 Tbsp granulated sugar


1 tsp lemon juice


Topping Ingredients:


3 oz bundle raspberry jello


6 oz bundle raspberries




Begin making the Jello Mousse:


In an expansive blending dish, consolidate 6 oz jello with 2 mugs bubbling water. Blend until broke down at that point include 1 container frosty water (this is ½ of the chilly water the bundle calls for). Give jello a chance to sit at room temp until simply beginning to set. Note: If you have to speed set jello, you can refrigerate it for 10-15 minutes toward the end or until the jello is syrupy and delicate set.


The most effective method to Make the Cake and Simple Syrup: Preheat Oven to 350˚F. Line the base of a 13×9 Glass heating dish with material paper. Try not to oil the sides.


Beat 4 huge eggs with the whisk connection for 1 min on fast. With the blender on, include ½ glass sugar and keep beating on fast for 5 min until thick and feathery. Overlap in ¼ tsp vanilla.


Filter in ½ glass flour in thirds into the hitter, collapsing it in the middle of every expansion. When blending, rub the base of the bowl to guarantee you don’t have pockets of flour stowing away at the base. Overlay until no dashes of flour remain; don’t over-blend or you will flatten the hitter. Spread player uniformly into lined glass dish and prepare at 350˚F for 18-20 minutes, or until top is brilliant dark colored and springs back when jabbed marginally.


Expel from broiler, remove from edges, reverse onto a cooling rack and peel back the material paper. (Note: Let cake sit on top of the peeled back material paper to cool – I have discovered that occasionally it adheres to a cooling rack and can be difficult to pry off after it chills off). Wash and dry the preparing dish at that point return cooled cake back to the skillet.


Join the syrup fixings: ½ container warm water, 2 Tbsp sugar and 1 tsp lemon squeeze and put aside to cool to room temp. Brush the highest point of the cooled cake equitably with syrup.


Complete the Jello Mousse and Topping:


When jello is beginning to thicken and has a slight squirm to it, beat in 8 oz cool whip. Tip: If your mousse is watery, you ought to refrigerate it for 10-15 minutes until it’s somewhat thickened, yet watch out for it so it doesn’t set excessively or it will be difficult to spread.


Pour the mousse over the cake layer and spread uniformly. Best with raspberries, pushing them down somewhat into the mousse. Refrigerate 1 hour or until mousse is set. In the interim, begin making your jello topping.


In an expansive measuring container, consolidate 3 oz jello with 1 glass bubbling water and blend until gelatin is broken down. Include ½ container chilly water and let cool to room temp. (Tip: Never pour warm jello over the mousse or you’ll wind up with a smooth layer on top) Pour jello over the back of a spoon into the pyrex dish and refrigerate one more hour or until completely set.


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