Easy Mashed Potato Pancakes



3 measures of pureed potatoes


¼ glass Parmesan cheddar


1 egg, gently beaten


6 Tbsp of flour partitioned


1 Tbsp of ground onion or green onion


1 Tbsp of crisp slashed parsley


Canola oil to saute




In a blending dish join potatoes, cheddar, egg, 3 Tbsp of flour, onion and parsley.


In a different plate include 3 Tbsp of flour for digging the hotcakes. Fill a dessert scoop or storing tbsp with the blend, shape the hotcakes in yours grasp and dig them in flour.


Include 3 Tbsp of canola oil to a non-stick skillet and saute them around 2-3 min on each side over medium/high warmth or until brilliant darker. Include more oil if necessary.


Evacuate pounded potato cakes to a plate fixed with a paper towel to drench up overabundance oil. Present with a spot of acrid cream.


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