Cheesy Potato Pancakes Recipe

Gooey potato hotcakes are the most ideal approach to go through remaining pureed potatoes and yes it is completely justified, despite all the trouble to make pureed potatoes only for this formula!




4 containers pounded potatoes*


2 containers (8 oz) destroyed mozzarella cheddar


1 extensive egg


¼ container flour (or up to ½ glass flour for creamier potatoes)


2 to 3 Tbsp chives, cleaved


½ glass plain bread scraps


Light Olive oil or Canola oil to sauté


Acrid cream to serve




Step by step instructions to Make Mashed Potatoes:


Fill a 5 Qt pot with water. Include 1 Tbsp salt and peeled quartered reddish brown potatoes (2 lbs or around 7 medium potatoes, peeled and quartered). Cook until effectively penetrated with fork. Deplete well and pound in 4 Tbsp spread at that point let cool to room temp. Pureed potatoes can be made 1 – 3 days ahead.


Step by step instructions to Make Mashed Potato Pancakes:


In an expansive blending dish, consolidate 4 mugs pureed potatoes, 2 containers destroyed mozzarella cheddar, 1 extensive egg, ¼ glass flour and 2 Tbsp hacked chives. Utilize a potato masher to crush the blend together until very much blended. On the off chance that the potatoes are too free to hold a patty shape, include flour a Tablespoon at any given moment.


Put a piling tablespoonful of potato blend between your palms and shape into a round, ⅓” thick patty. Dig both sides of the flapjack in bread scraps and set on a cutting board. Rehash with residual flapjacks.


Warm a substantial non-stick container over medium warmth with enough oil to delicately cover the base of the skillet. When oil is hot, include patties in a solitary layer and sauté 3-4 minutes for each side or until brilliant dark colored. Rehash with outstanding patties, including more oil as required. I more often than not have 2 skillets going immediately to complete sooner.




*Recipe works best with pureed potatoes that aren’t super smooth. In the event that they are exceptionally soggy, you may require somewhat more flour for them to hold a patty shape. Try not to utilize moment pureed potatoes.


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