The Man Who Could not Die

Give us a chance to appreciate perusing this Greek Mythological Story of The Man Who Could not Die.


Eos, Goddess of Dawn became hopelessly enamored with a young named Tithonius, and the two spent numerous upbeat years together. Be that as it may, while Eos being a goddess held her childhood, Tithonius started to age. He requested that his adored concede him everlasting status. She couldn’t do it all alone so she argued his case with Zeus, the preeminent divinity.


Zeus reluctantly conceded the shelter.


The story tragically does not have an upbeat consummation. Tithonius had neglected to request endless youth. So however he couldn’t kick the bucket he could age. As his age propelled he ended up noticeably wrinkled and hunchbacked and revoltingly appalling. He begged Eos to help him.


She couldn’t reclaim the endowment of eternality nor would she be able to give him back his childhood. In any case, she could change his frame. She transformed him into a grasshopper.


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