Joe Briggs left the surveying place. It was clear he wouldn’t be gone long from the look of him. He was decidedly smoldering; perhaps somewhat tanked. The volunteer had let him know beyond all doubt his distinguishing proof was obsolete and unusable. When he asked how much another ID would be the laborer had let him know $40-50 simple. Joe muttered something about survey assess however the volunteer was inflexible. State orders had contracted strict necessities to avert misrepresentation. Joe asked what misrepresentation there’d ever been. She wasn’t delighted. The volunteer debilitated to call the police; Joe undermined more terrible.


The rest had happened so quick nobody was precisely certain what went down. The survey laborer was unconscious with a bruised eye on the table and Joe was dashing off in his get truck. In almost no time the police arrived, encompassed the building and started addressing individuals. The volunteer disclosed to them Joe’s name yet the other individuals introduce provided no insight as to where he may have gone.


Things immediately raised as the police needed to analyze the voting mechanical assembly. They asserted it might have been altered in the bedlam. Everybody knew it was bunk and an undeniable power snatch.


Individuals encompassed the voting machines. A cop discharged his weapon noticeable all around. A few winced yet all figured out how to hold their ground. A strained circumstance just wound up noticeably tenser as Joe pulled up outside with fortifications. His truck bed was brimming with esteemed gentlemen with programmed weapons. The police had a couple of handguns between them, best case scenario.


An officer considered bringing in the SWAT however in a scene reminiscent of the old West, Joe Briggs kicked down the entryway and shot the radio get out of his hand. Whatever remains of the officers didn’t take long to surrender sometime later. They were dwarfed, outgunned and frightened shitless from the looks of them.


Every one of the experts could do was look as Joe let everybody inside to vote. Despite everything he ensured nobody duped yet he was reasonable about it. Toward the finish of the night he even let the cops make their choice, if they didn’t report anything.


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