Advising A Fool

This short story Advising A Fool is very fascinating to all individuals. Appreciate perusing this short story.


On a mango tree in a wilderness, there lived many flying creatures. They were cheerful in their little homes. Prior to the onset of the blustery season, all the creature of the wilderness repaired their homes. The flying creatures likewise made their homes more secure.


Many feathered creatures brought twigs and leaves and others wove their homes. “We ought to likewise store some nourishment for our youngsters,” peeped one of the winged creatures. What’s more, they gathered nourishment, until they had enough to see them through the stormy season. They kept themselves occupied with get ready for the extreme circumstances.


Before long the downpours came. It was trailed by thunder and lighting. Every one of the creatures and winged animals remained in their homes.


It kept drizzling for a long time. One day, a monkey wet in the rain came into the backwoods. He sat on a branch, shuddering with chilly, water dribbling from its body.


The poor monkey attempted his best to get shield, however futile. The leaves were insufficient to spare him from the downpours. “Brrr! It is so chilly!” said the monkey.


The flying creatures were observing this. They felt frustrated about the monkey yet there was little they could accomplish for him. One of them stated, “Sibling! Our little homes are insufficient to give you shield.”


Another fowl stated, “Every one of us arranged for the stormy season. On the off chance that you had, you would not be in this melancholy circumstance.”


“How could you instruct me?” said the monkey, snarling at the winged creature. The monkey furiously jumped on the fowl’s home, tore it and tossed it on the ground. The flying creature and her chicks were vulnerable.


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