Yogi Adityanath compares triple talaq to Draupadi’s cheer-haran, calls for common civil code

Requiring the finish of the Muslim routine of triple talaq, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today compared it with the undressing of Draupadi in Hindu epic Mahabharata and hammered the quiet of the government officials over it.

“Nowadays there is another civil argument in the nation. A few people are keeping up a hush on this issue. This helps me to remember the scene in the Mahabharata in which Draupadi is being uncovered in a get together and she poses a question to the social occasion with reference to who is in charge of this?” he said at an occasion to check the 91st birth commemoration of previous Prime Minister Chandrashekhar in Lucknow.

“Nobody could express even a solitary word. Around then Vidur said individuals who have perpetrated the wrongdoing, the individuals who are the assistants and the individuals who kept up hush on this issue are similarly mindful,” Adityanath included.

Adityanath pummeled the individuals who were against uniform common code, addressing why ought to there be two laws “when the whole nation was one”. He said that legislative issues ought to be drilled under as far as possible and called attention to that the late Chandrashekhar was likewise a votary of normal laws.


Adityanath’s announcement denote the continuation of an ace Muslim ladies pitch the BJP has been raising, utilizing triple talaq as the foundation of that effort. On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said the BJP would concentrate on including new socio-bunches into its overlay, particularly the ladies and the poor among Muslims.

Naming triple talaq a “terrible social practice”, Modi said such things can be finished by social arousing however focused on that the Bharatiya Janata Party didn’t need a contention on this issue.

“To the extent social equity is concerned, our Muslim sisters ought to likewise get equity. There ought not be shamefulness to them. Nobody ought to be abused,” Union Minister Nitin Gadkari cited Modi as saying.

Modi included: “We ought not permit struggle in the general public. We don’t need any contention in Muslim society over the issue. We have to end such terrible practices by arousing the general public.”

Modi’s perception came at his closing comments of the two-day BJP National Executive meeting in Odisha.

The Narendra Modi government had on October 7 a year ago restricted in the Supreme Court the triple talaq method of separation, ‘nikah halala’ and the act of polygamy among Muslims and favored a relook on grounds like sex correspondence and secularism.


In the interim, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) attested that Muslims have the “established” ideal to take after their own law and said that the individuals who are utilizing triple talaq carelessly and without defense ought to be made to face social blacklist.

“A set of accepted rules for talaq is being issued. With its help, the genuine picture of Sharia orders will be brought out on the talaq issue. On the off chance that talaq is given without Sharia reasons, those included will be socially boycotted,” AIMPLB General Secretary Maulana Wali Rehmani said on Sunday.


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