Russia has ‘egg on their face’ after Trump airstrike, says former US ambassador to Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely irate after the U.S. shot journey rockets at a Syrian air base because of a substance weapons assault, previous U.S. Envoy to Syria Theodore Kattouf told CNBC on Friday.

“However, they have egg all over,” Kattouf, who served under the George W. Shrub organization, said on “Screech Box.”

Kattouf said that Russia ensured in 2013 that Syria’s substance weapons stockpile would be evacuated or wrecked. Clearly, that did not occur “100 percent,” Kattouf said.

After Thursday’s U.S. rocket strikes on a Syrian air base, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Russia had neglected to do the 2013 consent to secure Syrian concoction weapons. He said Moscow was either complicit or awkward in its capacity to maintain that arrangement.

Russia said the U.S. strikes against Bashar Assad’s legislature damaged universal law. Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov said Putin trusted the U.S. assaults on Syria indicated animosity against a sovereign state.

President Donald Trump requested the assault by 59 Tomahawk rockets on a Syria military air base because of Tuesday’s fatal concoction weapons assault supposedly did by Assad’s military on a revolt held territory.

Kattouf said the strikes against Assad’s administration sent “recently the correct message.”

James Stavridis, a resigned chief naval officer who filled in as NATO’s incomparable united authority, told CNBC on Friday that the assault demonstrated the U.S. is not reluctant to utilize compel.

“Let’s be honest: Part of the gathering of people here is not simply Russia, Iran and Syria. Some portion of the gathering of people is (Chinese) President Xi (Jinping),” Stavridis said on “Cackle Box.”

As rockets hit a Syrian air base, Trump was meeting with the Chinese president in Florida.


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