Permanent/Temporary Roommates


First day of college yes exciting, thrilling, interesting. I choose to stay at University hostel rather than staying at Pg’s or outside Hostels.

I was allotted a room, the corner room which was double seated that means my roommate would be there or will be arriving soon. Excited! As soon as I jumped into my room with 2 Big bags with me, wow Huge window and a Big Banyan Tree were there. I could feel the cold breeze though there was a hot sunny day outside. Thanks to the big window and the tree.

First night at the hostel was a bit lonely as everyone was new and sadly my roommate was not there.

Days past on but still my roommate didn’t arrive, days were better at college but when I return back to my room it was not as like before as I need to set it all up, wash my clothes, clean my room. I asked warden for a roommate, but there were few rooms where people haven’t arrived. SO lucky me paying for a double seated room & getting a big room with 2 tables, 2 wardrobes & 2 beds.. Yippee!

Days past that Monotonous life started and one day I lost my patience because I was missing my home like anything and I never lived alone like this. I break down in tears opened the window there was a tremendous wind that day, I asked God to please make things better for me. I threw almost everything which was on my table.

Exhausted, I slept and another day comes up, I woke up in hurry went to keep my bucket over queue and returned to bed & what I saw everything is in place? But I remember I threw all this stuff, what the hell? That whole day I questioned myself, even I shared with my close friend about that incident and she suggested me to have a sound sleep today. I agreed I went to bed early that day, but with curiosity & sudden I woke up again threw things & quickly went to the bed with blanket on my face such that no one can see me. Trying to listen if someone comes & arrange things for me, but after few mins as usual I was asleep. As soon as I woke up again, I saw my things arranged. That day I just dressed up and ran into the class to share with my friend and she gave an intense look that weather I need a physiatrist or else I’m trying to fool her! Now I decided not to share with her anymore, I decided to keep this to myself only.

As soon as I returned my room was again arranged my bed sheet, my blanket, my night suite. Speechless this was the only reaction I had that day, once I decided to share this with Mommy but no sense they all will call me a freak I knew! I found a clever way I asked one of my friends that day to stay with me for the joint study project, she was with me for almost 3 days, I use to do same making my room a messy room & go to college & when returning we found it same & I used to clean it! AT moments my friend thought what a stupid I am at night I threw thing & at noon I used to clean that.

Watching me she asked cleverly that the joint work is done & now we can do separately and rest work in class. I was declared a freaky person in front of my friends, but they never pretended.

The days went on and my roommate (unknown spirit) helped me up with many things, no there was a silent bond between us. Now I have stopped sharing the stuff with my friends and everything was good. I was so happy with my roommate, there was always a keen silence in my room.

All the 4 years we were together, I never shifted my room and my good luck never any girl was allotted my room. Now it’s time to leave the college to leave the hostel. It was last night at the hostel and everyone is celebrating and me, I’m here in my wondering whether my roommate is permanent or temporary? Whether she will escort me ahead or not?


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