Let’s meet the REAL ME

Today in this cut throat competitive world what is on top ?

Give the above sentence a look now I can distinguish there would be 2 kind of major answers to this question.

The first and foremost criteria is to stand on career to make the life worth, a meaningful pinch to the work. Some dream to work in a MNC, own a house, a car or any luxury gazette on their OWN. I focused on “on their OWN” because they are working to fulfill their desires doesn’t depend on supports, luck or anything/anyone. They know how to work and they are working. Now this doesn’t end here, people want to have their own start-up a place where they can show all the innovation and creativity implementing along with the education or experience they have. This the prior concern of LIFE !

The second I generally observe with people who were accomplished the first one or in the phase of accomplishment. Might be I could be wrong while stating the above but yes this is what I have observed and still observing. Let’s come straight to the point, people really want to have a LIFE ! Yes a LIFE, LIFE is not just to make house, car, million dollar company but to make people smile, love and care. To have those buddies in your life who really enjoy your success, to support and stand for you in your journey, which is always full of ups and down. To be successful it is really required to have emotional balance in your life ! Know the success story of people who Indeed Stand somewhere. To be emotional satisfied it doesn’t mean that go get committed & have children but that means you must value and care the people around you. To recognize the people who are with you when required they may be your parents, partner, sibling, neighbor and even your pet many a times.

We all require a hope, a dream, a wish to live and to live For !

It was easy to learn and implement to do Smart Work rather Than Hard Work then why it is being so difficult to understand this simple point that if you confess, if you recognize, if you give someone/something importance you will be more happy and satisfied which will give you more focus to the things you are behind. Stop Regretting for the things done, stop being guilty for not being present at the important occasions of your life/ your loved ones life. Start preparing for the next and try to cover up the guilt by your presence.

We dunn have eraser in our life not a Ctrl+X button but we have time to redraw things, feelings. It’s the time to start your company, to support your people, to have family, to visit your family, to help your colleagues, to Live Life as it is meant to be.

Give a mere thought, 5 minutes of your life to : What you ARE and what you are doing ?


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