That Girl with White Jacket

Winter morning it was, the cold breeze made me feel lazy for a moment; I gave a thought to sleep or to go office, but then somehow I managed to make myself ready.

It was again very difficult to fight those thorny breezes, still managed to drive. On the way there was much traffic, a beggar who was with no/ very less clothes came down, as usual he went to the four wheeler’s first in desire to get something big, but no one seems interested as everyone was in rush to go office, school & college as it was morning time.

I was also waiting for the long queue to clear soon, such that I can reach on time, and moreover the breeze made me shiver like anything. Then apparently again my eyes scrolled to that beggar, he went to two wheeler people now. At that moment I had that sarcastic smile towards that beggar’s attitude.

There was a girl wearing white jacket, the beggar went to her, pleaded for some pennies. The girl gave him a look, a top to bottom scan and within fraction of second she take off her jacket and gave that to beggar, the signal turned green and she went off. I saw her, she was wearing a high neck T shirt inside and the white jacket was completing her dress.

Unfortunately I was unable to see her face as it was covered, that fraction of second remained in my mind forever. I had tried to put myself over that situation weather I would be giving my jacket to anyone like this. I had assumed few conditions like I won’t be giving the jacket if it was my favorite, a new one, a single piece color or anything. I would have given if it was old but contrary to someone who came to me over a signal? Might be the beggar had sweater or jacket but he has not wearied it as he can beg more or something, people can easily see his poverty. But again for those few seconds would I be so much convinced that I would have given the jacket I would be wearing?

Completely perplexed with thoughts, I dunn know whether I should have clapped for that moment or asked her something and that over a traffic signal stop ? That day a stranger made me learn something, that day I realized how mean and selfish I am. Even at my thoughts I wasn’t that ready to give my jacket to anyone.

But yes now I dunn say I would be doing the same whenever I would find someone in same situation but I would definitely be helping people who are in real desire of that help. I could say my inner conscious is awake by realizing my meanness.

A Salute to that White Jacket Girl with Golden Heart !


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