How I met a STRANGER ?

Over routine work life it happens that you come across many people and same I did. Things, seasons and people constantly change. Then I met a stranger, a senior around 32 years old, well settled ex-Navy Officer – Indian Army. Holding a big position over one of the biggest MNC of World and residing over one of my dream cities “London”.

His job and work seems to be a dream job for many youngsters like me. It fascinates me that how he went to that job, what all he worked, how he made his beautiful family settle there. An ecstasy to know more and more was always there, it remains over each individual of my age if you see someone ideal.

Very soon we got in touch and shared similar thoughts. I used to share the stuff I had, I am having and what career and personal aspects I am about to. I won’t ever say that he was the same at my age but he was more sensible, understanding and polite person then me, obviously he was a Navy Guy, sorry instead I must say a Navy Man.

He made me realize many stuff of my routine life, I shared my weak points along with my passion, the things which I am lacking in. Through his experience he guided me the best I could do.

There were times we get angry and have serious discussion over many points. We both lived a different life nothing common no relation nothing, oh sorry one relation we had we were of same community(caste), I know for the last sentence he gonna say me, I am Indian.

I have education, I have skills, I have many opportunities but with no clear direction but yes I have few people who are expertise in showing me way and help me out. By my this blog post I wanna thank you MISGUIDED MISSILE for being there and for listening me to extent and helping me out. It seems we have a unique bond and that will be for life.

I wish we can meet once, though you goanna be there on my special day of life: Save that date for me. I hope you understood.

Guys I just wanna say analyze, realize and give opportunity to the people around you to be your mentor/guider or what we call a PEN friend. I really found myself Lucky to have a stranger/ a PEN friend in my life. And my dear pen friend don’t worry you are a perfect father for your little ANGLES, just like my daddy …:)

This is how I met this stranger friend and Thankyou god for sending such a Mentor for me.

BY :

Misguided Missile Version 2



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