Lesson Learnt For Life

Many a times we encounter that the usual life style is killing our dreams, mindset and work ethics. We find our soul gets covered with sheath of boring routine life.

The dream and desire could be anything from promotion in job, salary hike, to top in exams, to find love, to escape from the relationship, to own a house, to own a company anything.

We have no limits of dreaming and in reality we must not. Though we are headed with bunch of perplexing thoughts in your minds. The same happened with me, by this small instance I guess I got a life time lesson to learn.

I got to know a few days back that we have convocation in our University, and I need to visit there to get my gold medal. I checked train availability though in general there are plenty of routes, is the & ticket availability. I got to know that the regular train was cancelled that particular day, SO I need to pre-plan my arrival there. For that during noon time I observe plenty of seats available, I decided to reach home & discuss with family before booking. Few hours later all tickets got booked & I got waiting list. Now I tried to book the journey from another city found that yes there are plenty of trains but still again with great bookings as other trains were cancelled that particular day. I decided to book my tatkal tickets.

What I was basically trying is create a pathway such that I can reach at time.

I tried for flight booking that showed me no availability with a very high fare. So booking tatkal tickets was the perfect option. I used to open the website daily to check that at tatkal what the status is. What I was left with is an awed reaction, because the seats got fill within fraction of seconds and as regular traveler I know the waiting would never ever get clears. Still the waiting list status was same.

1 day before tatkal booking I was founding another trains from other nearby city, I found out that they all got the tatkal booking the day itself, as they start from a faraway city.

Ghosh ! I missed the chance all the ways are close only 1 train & to book the tickets over Tatkal was next to impossible. I was drowning my worry to many of my colleagues & at home only.

Finally I decided to fight once I wake up early at morning though I know I can’t book the ticket before prescribed time but still to make sure that I am ready till that time of booking. As I only have 16 seats for Tatkal quota.

Now at the morning I just picked my phone & received a message that my tickets are confirmed which I have booked earlier. What the hell was that ? I was worrying since a long time & because of it I haven’t done any such preparation, which was supposed to be done ?

Moral of the story I understood that If you find your ALL ways closed trust GOD he has created a backdoor for you & if you can’t find the door now, than it is not the END !

I read novels to learn above point, I read inspiring blogs, I listened my parents, elders, friend’s everyone tried to tell me this, teach me this but no. This small stupid Incident has finally given me a lesson for LIFE.

And now I am goanna find my ways I am goanna do what I was supposed to do without fear & regret. Let LIVE !


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