Being A Freelancer : Rozgar se Berozgari Tak

We have seen since our childhood or say our community is following a trend of getting educated then find a good job, marry i.e. find suitable match & get your life settled.

But as we observe we have started exploring more, thinking beyond Engineering , Doctors, Architects or Lawyers people have started choosing sports, fashion, interiors as their career.

Now a days ENTREPRENEUR spirit is at hike, i.e. to go with something we choose as our career as our livelihood. Not following the family business or taking the family business from offline to online, we really observe evolution.
Might be this is what the next generation is up to or else the latest movies are inspiring us, the life stories of many successful people. The RISK factor is at peak & people are really enthusiastic about it, passionate to work on their own, to explore something on their own and trust me we can have many examples who are doing wonders when they choose something no their own.

The journey begins when people leave job & start doing Freelancing work, some choose the same career line but doing by their own way. While some try to fulfill the work they always thought of: For an instance a corporate engineer with a senior designation leaves the job and start being a professional painter an artist. People seems the person as a guy who got mad by the circumstances or misguided & left a settled job, started working as freelancer painter.

Though he earned much lesser than what he used to earn but remember what he will do in next 5 years would be much more than the same engineer over corporate do in next 5 years. It’s not about having a settled / permanent job but having a work you are really passionate about.

Being a freelancer is still treated as a crime in traditional families, but whenever you face something like that just remember life is a long journey and still many twists and turns are left to travel and proof.

And sometimes it is better to be a Berozgar in life.. Give a chance to yourself think, decide and go ahead !

And being A freelancer is something everyone can’t understand or make to that mental level of yourself !


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