We all have ideas crawling like insects over our mind.

Sometimes these ideas are over the routine life and sometimes it is completely OUT OF BOX.

All of us are following the same routine while the people with creative jobs & life style always excite a normal person. I don’t mean that we must leave our present JOBS and go for something creative or startups. It simply means each person is born with own creativity and skill. Then why we kill this spirit when we grow old. Some have creative skills, sports skills & many people have skills to work with co-operates, business TYCON spirit, glamour spirit etc.

But the fact says more than 75% people fail to achieve their dreams, the life they always dreamt off. But what a layman will do everyone require a financial secure life now a days and yes the routine & big corporates really provide that. For a quick beginning people join the trap & once they are IN , it is enough capable to trap them up in the lifecycle of corporates.

While those 25% try work harder and among them also less than 50% people succeed and can achieve 50% what all they dreamt off or worked off.

Might be this is also one of the major cause of depressions, suicides and break-ups our human society is facing now a days.

Why to be crawling like an insect, let’s try to be a BIRD and let our thoughts & idea fly, somewhere someday they will definitely get the platform to showcase.

One day tooth of Wisdom will come .. Let’s not Kill the spirit of creativity, enthusiasm and lets light a lamp of hope in our hearts.



One thought on “BEING AN INSECT

  1. This inspired me to write a little verse of my own….

    It takes a moment of inspiration to conjure a dream,
    But it takes bravery, audacity and sheer mental strength
    To go for it all guns blazing…
    And to keep going against all odds
    To laugh mockingly at failures and tell it “Well played mate…
    But I’m going to whoop your ass next-time anyway!”
    To get up and prepare each time believing that…
    You will pull off the greatest creative coup in the history of mankind!
    That is a life worth living!

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