They never left the home….

I guess almost a year back I was home for my training vacations. Over my balcony I saw 2 little eggs, was wondering then I saw their parent pigeons. Days passed and the parents come to their baby eggs to spend time with them and one day the little babies were welcomed.

They were so little, I still remember they were pink in color, we identified that one of the baby was having an eye defect. We were tensed as when we try to touch the little baby he gets threaten and the other sibling tries to protect the weak one. (I’m saying sibling as they had more love, concern and affection towards each other as compared to humans now a days). There was big bump of skin over the little one’s eye. Slowly steadily weeks passed and to stay with them, provide varied food to them, out of which they like some food and some they throw away. This became my favorite pass time, then they started growing and we were afraid of the little one’s eye and sudden one day his parent came and the father stroke the little one’s eye he was bleeding. I thought to kill that pigeon for a second but within 2 days I observed that the little pigeon’s eye was getting fine wow he can see now, how wrong I was.

It simply proved whether it is human being or any other creature, parents knows the best for their children.

Then one day they flew away, they left the sweet home we made for them and I too went back to college. When I came after almost 2 months later, it was around 11PM, I went to my balcony for some fresh air, I was completely shocked as I saw two pigeons were sitting I tried to identify them, Oh my GOD the baby pigeons were so grown up. I was able to identify them, they were sleeping the same place though there home was later destroyed by me but still they were at the same place.

Almost it is a year now and daily late night I can observe the pigeons, both of them sleeping there. They never left the home, my misunderstanding destroyed their home but still they remembered the place they were born and grown up..

They never left their home, they just go and come around… J



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