Why can’t the souls just exchanged…?

It was very sad to hear that one of my junior at college committed suicide, hardly 20 years old guy and he decided to finish up his life and on the same day in the morning I heard of an accident of a 3 year old little boy who died accidentally.

I just wished that there would be some magical power such that we can just exchange their souls, may be by giving the soul of little kid to that boy could save his life, as he can have a Kiddish way to live life, he could have the charm and the happiness a young baby have and the innocence. May be this can help that boy to have faith and hope in life. And his soul(the 20-year old guy) to the little baby, as the baby died accidentally by accelerating his father’s scooter on a red light signal, he could get the sense not to do that, such that the baby can live, grow, study and enjoy his life.

Yesterday I saw two life’s end, I know many life’s end every day, some we notice and others we won’t but still I WISH THAT THEIR SOULS WOULD EXCHANGE at least for 10 min.

The kid doesn’t even know the difference between life and death, and the boy who ended had the sense of life and death. Why to destroy and end up the life when we know there are many people who have an urge to live life but unfortunately they lose it.

They both left their parents with a wish and hope that their sons would have lived longer but the fact is that the parents are left with varied and never ending pain !!

Life is a gift not a curse !… Live it because at least you got a chance to live … many won’t have this.. Realize…. 😦


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