Why always being Fast and Furious….?

I know I have not seen the world at a wider glance but still the best I could observe was whatever we do everything has pros and cons. Let’s just review a recent example of the viral video symbolizing women’s choice. It was trying to justify the women’s authority and thoughts. Once I had a look over that video I became a Fan, then sudden 2-3 days later when I saw the judgmental point view of many people, they were absolutely right it should not always be the choice of an individual but also of the people surrounding them.

I don’t wanna indulge more while discussing about this video as already it is at peak but I was focusing on the frequency of my mind, how soon it related things and it was changed. Though I know I was very young to take any judgmental point of view but for me and my friends it was a SLOGAN sort of thing for those 2 days but when we had a look towards both the phases of coin. We were able to match up the things with reality.

The conclusion was simple we are the young generation with all the enthusiasm and aggression, the thing require is patience which is being lost. I observed the same by just visualizing myself over the past week, how quickly I took to follow one but when I had a look to reality and many views I was able to match up the reality.

Be patient, think before you do: Today I realized it though late or early I don’t know but this time I understood the phrase meaning. Understood : Why being always in hurry .. ? why being fast and furious..? Think , slow down, Chill then decide.



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