The Lost Sense Of Responsibility

There was a pet of my neighbor named TIGER, one day he ate something and he passed away, it was seriously shocking for all of us. He was 5 years old I know they just live hardly 10-12 years. But this was really a big loss for us, that day all our dad’s came early from their respective jobs, they all went to bury our dear Tiger.

Few weeks later we were back to action playing over road sudden a black beautiful dog came, the dog was not that street one, we all found that the dog was sick so might be his owners have left him on road. Then we all got attached to him giving him food, the love, the affection. Though there was always warning from our parents STAY AWAY!! And soon our parents were also indulge with that cutie pie, the dog was no more a street dog it was our building guard, our best friend and the best part he recovered, fit and fine healthy. I still remember it was 26th Jan as we all had ceremony in school, that day we came to know that our doggy was not a HE but a “SHE”. Shocking we named her DHANIA soon she delivered kids we loved them too.. FAMILY COMPLETE PICTURE PERFECT.

Years past we all left the building shifted to other areas but past week when I visited my old home I saw DHANIA again and the bitter truth was I was afraid of her as she was again sick, thin, grown much older might be living last days of her life…:(. But sudden when she recognized me she came to me running and what I did I ran and sat in my car…. The reaction was sudden I saw her after 7 years and I thought she was about to bite me then my dad came and said .. HOW CAN YOU FORGET HER and DHANIA was showing love to us in her own way !!

This day made me realize my selfish love…how selfish we all were actually.. It made me think what we did for tiger and what we did for DHANIA. Just because we buy Tiger from a shop and we found DHANIA over street. Was this reason which made the difference..? We all had a day in our life when we were fighting for DHANIA that’s she is mine and now no one of us took her responsibility.

I can’t change the past but yes what I’m left with is : Regret and yes a lesson.

Now instead of promising anything I would like to do something this time.


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