There are many times in my life when I’m really sad sometime because of circumstances, sometime because of people or sometime because of no reason. Then I asked myself HO GAYI NAUTANKI..??

And then sudden a thought strikes “OK FINE then WHATS NEXT”. The next was I tried every stupid things to make myself Chill like watching movie, talk to your close ones, walk, sleep and yeah the idealist one “SEARCHING GOOGLE- WAYS TO CHILL WHEN MOOD IS UPSET” suggesting Yoga, exercise, meditation.
God all the idealist way.

Then suddenly I went to canteen ordered chilli chicken with chapatti and softdrink, while waiting for my order to come I was thinking the same SHITT YRR…KAISE LIFE HAI.. lost in thoughts then sudden CHICKEN AGYA.. :D :P .. Still when I think about chicken in front of me I have an inner smile..I was lost while eating then I ordered an ice cream, walking and eating sudden I reached my room, my roommate asked hey wow !! TU TO THIK HAI !!

Then I realized GOSHH !! I was upset and the moment I realized my love towards food how foodie I’m and then from that day nothing in my life can make me sad.

And yes it it true log jeene ke liye khate hai par mein khane k lie jiti hun !!! PROUD TO BE FOODIE.

Moral of the story was we always try to find the already prescribed solutions but instead we must listen to our inner heart, our stomach, our mind and then nothing is there which can make us upset.

I found my solution in food, I know it’s really weird but its FACT for me now…

Every solution is within we just need to listen it that it !!….


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