Sometimes it is good to lack in some things in life

This all started a long time back but it was always under the dim light view. I guess from past one year we all begin to realize that yess this VIRTUAL WORLD had taken all of us in it.

Why in family get together our prime concern is to update the stuff on social networking site..? Same goes with friends reunion … Why ..? When people are physically present with us, we focus talking to virtual friends.. Why we are more enthusiastic to reply to strangers then to known people. Why this texting thing has taken our face to face communication..?
When I ask people, some say there are many things we can’t speak or tell but yeah we can write it well….I do support this thing but lemma me know that in your life you don’t have a single one to understand you, to talk with you, to love you, to support you..? Yess then why to stick to this virtual world why to get addicted to it !!!

Yes I too admit the thing that I’m also stuck in this VIRTUAL WORLD but atleast I paid attention to it, trying to realize my fault, trying to realize why I love my smartphone more than the people I met..? Why my texting speed is increasing day by day..? Is this increment worth full ..??

Sometimes it is good to lack in some things in life : Yes I realized and I hope one day we all will…


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