Journey Begins With a Single Step Only

It is not only said but yes it is REALLY TRUE that any journey begins with a single step. Same goes with my blogging, the only thing required for this journey was my start and here I did. Was really enthusiastic and then when I THOUGHT to write my FIRST BLOG only one thing came in my mind…. LIKHEGI KYA??? Then I gave it a thought that “Which BLOGS I USED TO LOVE” – Simple APNE APNE TYPES and yes not that LENGTHY ONES, so I started my journey with a small article about my college life.

Now the second phase started when I was done with my part of writing as EXPECTED I wanna hear people’s reaction. It started with sharing with office colleagues as they were senior in age off course they appreciated me no doubtfully but yes IT WAS NOT OF THEIR TASTE then I switched to my close friends choosing the one’s whom I know will SURELY CARE then the reaction was awesome OBVIOUSLY as expected because they can RELATE the things well.. Shared with my family my cousins KOOL WALA REACTION then comes to parents MOM NE TO SUNA HI NAHI she just gave a mere thought :D :P .. as she knows me very well she took this as just a past time now a days for me.. but YEAH DADDY listened it and asked PADHEGA KAUN..?? Yess its absolutely right I know today I had just started a baby step but yes “ A DAY WILL COME when people will look forward for my next BLOG because this time it is not a TIMEPASS but my passion, my hobby & my love towards writing and this gonna continue..

Soon I will get my interest and this will help me to get best out of me and this time thanks to all my group buddies who paid least attention to my stuff !! As this made me more firmed and determined to be a BLOGGER

And Here I’m stick to my GOAL : A STEP TAKEN …. :)


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