Fascinations : Never Ends

So when I was in school I was always told by my parents, my senior ki BETA bus ABHI MEHNAT KARLO and being OBEDIENT KIDS (you can expect how much :D :P ) we worked really hard and yes it was really true that school was the base of your education.

So the best part is that though we were in school but as expected we are always fascinated about college imagine it..!! COLLEGE AISA HOGA !! We all have those VIRTUAL DREAMS to hangouts with friends hurry up exams, though we all have the same in school as well like friends, exams but then also we are so much fascinated about the next phase of our life.

Finally the day arrives your COLLEGE days and then you realize SCHOOL HI ACCHA THA.. Sudden all the misconceptions flew away .. ZOOOMMMMM..

Though it is one of the most interesting phase of your life, the love, the bonding, the friends and most important thing the carrier you get here decided your whole life.. Though there are some people who just change their stream after many realizations in college ( NOT MY CUP OF TEA CARRIER). Now while in this college life again we are fascinated about job life .. AB TO APNE PAISE wala phase..

Then once we enter that phase again the same complains go on yrrr COLLEGE HI ACCHA THA.. the struggle of life actually starts here house rent, grocery, shopping, bills and the way money comes around goes away.. The fascinations doesn’t end here now again we are fascinated about the next phase of life..

Yes “SHADI”, common let’s get married then will decide better about life as everyone expects the partner to be supportive both financially and emotionally.. and what happened next for that I need to wait because not in that phase now and not expecting for some years ahead.. :P

SO the MORAL of the story is life is a fascinating chocolate we always think about the next bite though not focusing much on the bite already in mouth !!


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