College Life : Root TO RISE

So as a teenager I always wish to GO AWAY from home study apart, enjoy college life and all .. every one of us have that desire but as said a coin has both phase I too had a home sickness thing..

But anyhow I managed to convince myself to go out and study, really worked hard to get a good college then the battle of coaching’s schools 12th board wohhh!! ..

Finally the day came I entered my college it was like wow I did it while many of my friends LEFT the home same time & some didn’t because of family permissions and personal stuffs.. But I was really happy and excited, first day itself I had CHOSEN my roommate (as the one allotted was missing) both were like chatter box.. the day passed the college begins, then 1 day mom dad said bye bye.. wow !! That day I seriously cried don’t know why but yes it was the time to learn to stand for yourself… Now slowly steadily the things begin my STRUGGLE for small-small stuff like geyser, empty & clean toilets, washrooms, my favorite breakfast as was single child so the things were set according to me always.. Things started we came to a routine, got many friends with vast experience and the same time I realize the WORTH of family parents and specially HOME.. The same time when you realize your parents loneliness as well..

Then don’t know how I became a TOPPER then a wish a dream to get a GOLD MEDAL on the day of your CONVOCATION arrived and yess I was lost in this working hard managing friends, missing family, your besties.. SPECIALLY the FOOD the luxury I used to get at home..
Now years passed and many things happened changed the roommate, section changed, the old company changed, native place friends changed our relations changed and yeah the forever thing crush, love goes side by side but I was always stick to my dream then suddenly got a friend she took me away from all the DUNIYA DAARI I was involved, she was the miracle needed at that I was again on track…

Finally when the dream seems to be achieved battle for choosing the CAREER begins now I had chosen my DREAM job.. I know many of us never get this.. As this time I realized we need to change according to scenario the TIME… now the seed the OLD ME was grown up now after almost 3.5 years the OLD LITTLE STUPID girl grown to a BIG SMART GIRL… I learned how to keep my room clean, my cub boards set, to wash clothes, to take yourself to doctor and bring medicine for yourself actually I learned how to take care of yourself and the ones around you.. I learned to travel alone, to stand stood and be strong from inside..

Now I feel proud to state that yess I had chosen a great career, a good life, bunch of good friends like family although I lost some great buddies and I guess they goanna be in my memories forever ( I said I guess as I know I’m very good at forgetting people.. :D ) and yess the life goes on learned this …



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