How my Life got Better with Remote Job

Been just a few months I started my remote JOB: A job I always dreamed about. A work culture where there is constant learning, huge options to grow & develop, team members from around the globe, trending tools to work upon, flexible timings, work from anywhere, travel anywhere, enough holidays and yes the most concerned… Continue reading How my Life got Better with Remote Job

Facts: Based on first year working as a software developer?

Let’s get very specific for this: Loving your job is not easy. Getting paid is not the only solution. Bugs can encounter anytime anywhere. College studies hardly matter. Listen to your Managers when required. Testers are biggest enemies but best people who will make you learn. Client will be rarely satisfied. What it feels working… Continue reading Facts: Based on first year working as a software developer?

Vital Truth of LIFE

TV serials reel life drama cruelty is felt but real life cruelty had lost sense. Government is working on over safeguarding the future of senior citizen, working on laws to make their children VISIT them? Don’t take food from strangers- Then what is Uber Eats? Zomato ? MONK: A new motivational monk business is in… Continue reading Vital Truth of LIFE


I’d opening my wrists   In the event that there was any blood   Left in my veins.   I’d sink and suffocate   Inside the tub   Be that as it may, my lungs seized up   Such a long time ago and are   As fruitless as my heart   Which beats enough… Continue reading HOPES ! POSSIBILITIES NEVER FADES